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Whether you're a new or seasoned ART collector, or simply one who enjoys looking at the eclectic variety of offerings the art world provides, than a visit to Sotheby's fine art and auction portal should be on your agenda. sothebys.com 
Sotheby's Institute of Art If your interest in ART goes beyond simple enjoyment and collecting, then you may want to consider enrolling in Sotheby's Institute of Art. Their faculty represents the best of the art world and its graduate level program is the leader in art business education. www.sothebysinstitute.com  
Odon wagner.png Do you have a penchant for buying fine ART? If so, I suggest you drop in to Odon Wagner's galleries in Yorkville. They have some of the finest collections and offerings of contemporary and historical art in Toronto.  www.odonwagnergallery.com  
For those who are connoisseurs of fine hand made Cuban CIGARS, it may well be worth your time to pay a visist to Frank Correnti Cigars Ltd. in downtown Toronto. Why you say? Well, a great selection and they actually manufacture their cigars on site, right in front of you. You'll think you just walked into a litle shop in Cuba, and as for freshness, need I say more! www.correnticigars.com 
Well, if your a CLASSIC CAR enthusiast, then Petrolicious will surely get your motor running. This is one of the leading automotive sites featuring quality original videos and articles about your favorite classic automobiles. As their mantra says, "Drive Tastefully". Cheers! www.petrolicious.com 
FOOD lovers will definitely want to take a look at Golubka Kitchen for a spectacular variety of unique culinary delight ideas to serve to your family and friends. If you can't find something to savor here, then don't call yourself a 'foodie'. www.golubkakitchen.com 
Considering visting FRANCE? And looking for ideas, advice or just very useful information? Than The Good Life France might just be the right place for you. As their website say's, 'everything you want to know about France and more...'www.thegoodlifefrance.com
IntDes1.jpg If INTERIOR DECORATING and LANSCAPING is on your 'To Do' list this year and the thought of doing it yourself is a little overwhelming, why not contact the folks at Design For Conscious Living  for some cool ideas! www.designforconsciousliving.ca
The hobby of PHOTOGRAPHY has brought joy to millions and provided a greater perspective of the world we live in. Digital Photography Review is home to many talented photographers, both amateur and professional, based around the world. Regardless of your skill level, this site offers many opportunities to improve your photograhy, meet people with a common interest in the various genres of photography, share ideas, see spectacular photographs, and participate in a wide variety of photo challenges. www.dpreview.com 
So a SPA near Toronto you say. For those seeking a calming retreat, enhanced wellness, or just some well deserved self indulgence and pampering, the Ste. Anne's Spa may just be what the doctor ordered! www.steannes.com 
Searching for THOUGHT PROVOKING IDEAS, and fascinated by the many facets of the world we live in, you should find the talks presented in TED informative, insightful and have you coming away feeling like you actually learned something!
If TRAVEL and ADVENTURE are calling you, and you're trying to come up with that new idea for your next challenge or destination, than the The Planet D travelblog is a must visit. If Dave and Deb don't inspire you here, than maybe you should be content with joining a bowling league instead ;-).
thumb Dreaming about buying that luxury YACHT to impress your friends with? Well look no further. Super Yacht Times will provide you with an entirely new appreciation and definition of what a luxury yacht really is! www.superyachttimes.com